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Robotic Tank Cleaning Increases Chemical Plants Efficiency

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Robotic tank cleaning is an increasingly popular solution for cleaning industrial tanks. You may be wondering, “What is all the hype about?” Chemical plants that adopted robotics for their chemical tank cleaning processes have been blown away by the results. Let’s find out exactly how robotic tank cleaning is improving chemical plant efficiency across the industry.


Decrease Tank Cleaning Downtime

When it comes to protecting your team, two factors are always a concern: safety and fatigue. By using robotics for your tank cleaning, you won’t have to worry so much about either one.

Employees will need breaks to rest. And safety precautions, inefficient though they may be, are necessary to safeguard their health.

Buildup from inefficient cleaning can also lead to downtime for additional deep cleaning—or worse, it could damage your machines, requiring costly repairs. To stay as efficient and frugal as possible for your company, you may want to consider this innovative, modern solution.

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Robots, on the other hand, can clean chemical industry tanks without slowing down, getting tired, or falling ill from chemicals that are toxic to humans.

Safety isn’t the only benefit. When you work robotic tank cleaning into your standard processes, you’ll save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be lost due to human labor. You can be confident knowing your tank will be cleaned right the first time—and in half the time. This enables you to finish cleanings quicker, reduce downtime, and get your plant back up and running much sooner.


Reduce Tank Contamination

Many different chemicals come in and out of your plant on any given day. Tank contamination is a real threat that requires careful attention to avoid. 

Naturally, no human is perfect. By using people to clean your tanks, you increase the odds of contaminating your product. If your product becomes contaminated, you’ll have to restart the procurement process, which won’t be kind to your bottom line—or that of your client’s.

If you decide to use robotic tank cleaning instead, you can rest assured that the job will be done completely and consistently. Your tanks will be completely cleaned and safe to use for your next project.

robots in chemical plants

Less Time Spent on Training

In order to ensure the wellbeing of your team, you have to spend considerable time and money teaching and enforcing proper safety precautions. Getting new workers up to speed on the appropriate measures can take weeks, or even months.

On the other hand, when using robotics, you only have to teach a couple employees how to operate the controller for your tank cleaning robot. Machines don’t have to learn—and this way, most of your workers won’t have to, either—which saves a tremendous amount of time.

So, level the learning curve. Your employees will appreciate how much easier their lives are when a machine cleans the tanks.


Increase Employee Safety

Crawling into confined spaces in a chemical plant can put a person’s life at risk. No matter how careful your process may seem, with all the procedures you have set up for your people, nothing can fully guarantee your employees’ safety like robotic tank cleaning. Simply remove the human element from the equation, and watch your concerns for the safety of your staff in the cleaning process melt away.

By proving that you prioritize your workers’ safety, you’ll boost morale at your plant. Your happy employees, with their minds now at ease, will be more likely to give you their all at work if they know you’re looking out for them. Show your workers you always have their best interest in mind and boost your chemical plant efficiency and productivity.


Robotic Tank Cleaning Is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

While investing in high-tech machinery like bots may feel pricey at first, you’ll find the positives outweigh any negatives. With all the benefits robotic tank cleaning has to offer—from cutting costs to cutting downtime—you’ll be glad you chose to be proactive by protecting your team and increasing their efficiency.

It’s time to take control and see to it your business stays cutting-edge in the days ahead.

We hope this article helped you understand why modern plant managers are using robotics for their chemical tank cleaning needs. For more information, check out some case studies to see the advantages you learned about in action and get a better sense of whether this would be the right option for you.


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