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Industrial Sludge Removal

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Vessels & Deep Containers

Sludge Removal

Turnkey Robotic Sludge Removal
Hassle Free, Full-Service Industrial Cleaning

Ecorobotics provides efficient robotic sludge or bulk removal technology that eliminates the inefficiencies of using human crews. Our Robotic Cleaning System can replace an entire human crew and run continuously without breaks allowing you to get your asset back as quickly as possible. Our RCS technology package features triplex pumps capable of delivering 1250 psi at 60 gallons a minute making this technology a powerful, environmentally friendly, and quick solution for your cleaning needs.
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Remote controlled cleaning that keeps your team safe

Industry initiatives demand an end to confined space entry by the year 2025. Ecorobotics’ innovative technology eliminates human risk in toxic environments and confined spaces with robotic removal technology replacing the need for human tank or vessel entry. The electric-over-hydraulic system allows our crews to safely and remotely monitor the removal process. Our robotic system operates in a closed tank, reducing your environmental impact and ensuring a safe environment for your crews and your community.

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A Smarter Approach to Sludge Removal

Our clients sleep better knowing that our robotic cleaning system (RCS) provides them with the most efficient and innovative tank cleaning method in the industry. It is designed to fit through a 24” manway so no matter the confined space entry, we can complete the task safely. Our RCS operates inside the tank on full hydraulic power, managed by an external  mobile control center, keeping the robots running shift after shift with no down time. The entire RCS operates out of a 40-foot shipping container and can be set up in as little as 2 hours so Ecorobotics is ready to begin the cleaning project without delay.

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