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The Benefits of Using EcoRobotics for Industrial Tank Cleaning

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As robots become more capable of taking on complex tasks, they are beginning to take on roles in a wider array of spaces and industries. While consumers have made products like the Roomba popular for household cleaning, up until recently, industrial cleaning robots have been more scarce. However, industrial cleaning robots have recently realized their potential to cut costs, increase productivity, eliminate human error, and increase safety standards. 

These improvements have led to a report projecting that the robotic cleaning market, valued at $9.8 billion in 2022, will grow to $25.9 billion by 2027, suggesting a remarkable 21.5% growth rate over this time. Continue reading to get a sense of what robotic cleaning has to offer this growing market and how utilizing EcoRobitcs can benefit your company. 


What Does This Mean for Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning services undergird the effective operations of factory floors, manufacturing facilities, power plants, and other heavy industrial sites. These services must often be provided in complex, bustling, and potentially dangerous spaces, which are often in round-the-clock operation. Industrial cleaning requires specialized equipment and methods to maintain operational conditions while minimally affecting production. 

Robotic cleaning procedures offer many opportunities to economize these processes further. Due to the potentially dangerous nature of these spaces, human crews must take extensive precautions while cleaning, which can reduce production opportunities. By shifting workers out of these dangerous spaces and replacing them with robotic technology, there are opportunities to improve workers’ conditions and increase productivity. Let’s take some time to explore these opportunities in detail. 


The Benefits.

Tank Cleaning Without the Delays

EcoRobotics tank cleaning technology offers the perfect example of the productivity gains possible with new robotic technology. Chief among the benefits of EcoRobotics offerings is the ability to keep assets operational during the cleaning and sludge removal processes. EcoRobotics tank cleaning robots can run on continuous 24-hour shifts without downtime, speeding up the cleaning timeline and reducing out-of-service costs for facilities. The preservation of production time significantly reduces the opportunity cost of cleaning assets. Moreover, these innovations make it possible to remove human crews from the equation, leading to significantly lower costs and the possibility of assigning those workers to higher-skilled positions. 

In particular, EcoRobotics’ H-Series Robotic Equipment for tank cleaning has features that place it on the cutting edge of current cleaning technology. Its electric-over-hydraulic control system enables precision control, while the high-pressure jetting nozzles on its head can flush out the suction hose. Additionally, its 90-degree rotational reach and 360-degree articulating arm ensure it can reach all the corners of any tank.

Keep Your Human Crew Out of Danger

Up until now, human crews have taken on the burdens of industrial cleaning. This work is dangerous as it exposes workers to toxic chemicals and heavy machinery. The further hazards of confined space entry compound these safety issues, as workers may have significantly reduced maneuverability and escape routes in case of an accident. Reducing confined space entry for crews has become an industry-wide initiative, exemplified by the goal to end confined space entry for tank cleaning by 2025. The shift to robotic tank cleaning will enable the industry to meet this goal.

Moreover, the more industrial cleaning services that shift over to robotic technology, the easier it will be to enhance the overall safety profile of a facility. OSHA Compliance requires strict adherence to hazardous material exposure and workplace safety guidelines; for example, human tank cleaners require permits and extensive training in order to operate legally. These regulations are necessary to keep workers safe when interfacing with dangerous environments, but the easiest way to meet these standards is to remove humans from hazardous situations entirely! Take a look at this article on OSHA Compliance to get more of a sense of the role that robots can play in your facility compliance plans.

Plan Your Cleaning Schedule Regularly

Tank cleaning plays a key role in maintaining the operational viability of a facility. Regular cleanings and inspections directly increase the service time of storage assets and reduce the financial and operational costs for unscheduled maintenance and repair. EcoRobotics fully understands the benefits of scheduled tank cleanings and can help lay out a plan for regularly cleaning tanks. Expertise in the many issues that can emerge during cleaning enables EcoRobotics to respond quickly and directly to the working state of any given asset. 

By regularly scheduling cleaning with EcoRobotics, your facility can immediately realize the benefits of robotic cleaning technology. Robots are not subject to human workforce availability and, once in operation, they can run on continuous shifts with minimal oversight. Such plans significantly reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs, and working with EcoRobotics decreases per cleaning costs as well!


A Smart Approach to Tank Cleaning

Ecorobotics prides itself on its dynamic approach to industrial cleaning. Ecorobotics goes well beyond the industry standard by approaching cleaning challenges differently than the competition. Its tank cleaning processes are flexible enough to meet any operation’s needs and are under constant development through collaboration with clients to create cost savings, boost efficiency, and improve safety. 

Clean & Refined Product Tanks

Ecorobotics focuses on cleaning and refining product tanks for chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, municipal facilities, oil and gas rigs, agricultural infrastructure, power plants, and many others. Its technology can service tanks of any size for a wide array of internal tank conditions. Clean storage tanks remove the risk of product contamination and play a crucial role in ensuring smooth plant operations. 

Sludge & Residue Removal

Sludge and residue removal comprise Ecorobotics’ second core competency. Sludge buildup in tanks, sumps, trenches, pipelines, and deep containers is a major limiter of operational efficiency and product quality. Ecorobotics specializes in removing sludge from these vessels while minimizing waste generation and disposal costs. This robotic technology reduces cleaning project costs by 20-25% and brings compromised assets back online 30-50% faster than current practices.


Start Using Robots for Industrial Tank Cleaning Today!

Industrial cleaning services keep the gears of our most important industries turning smoothly and efficiently. With the introduction of robotic technology, Ecorobotics is helping companies realize the benefits of higher-efficiency cleaning processes on their operations. Robotic technology offers cleaning services with higher efficiency, less downtime, and lower costs, all while removing human crews from hazardous situations. Ecorobotics’ mission is to bring their expertise to your operation and to ensure the highest level of industrial cleaning possible. 

Protect your time, your money, and most importantly, your employees. Schedule a call with us today!

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