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About the Robotic Cleaning System


Our Robotic Cleaning System (RCS) utilizes a visual programming language (VPL) for controlling the robots performing the work that replaces an entire crew of human workers. The entire electric-over-hydraulic system is intrinsically safe and allows for remote monitoring of the two robots known as the H5 Robot with Vacuum Head and the H5 Robot with Articulating Arm.

The H5 Robot with Vacuum Head is utilized for removal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, while the H5 Robot with Articulating Arm is utilized for motivating material or a final wash-down of containment.

Equipment Specs

The RCS has the ability to remove material at rates up to 150 bbls/hr and travel a distance of 300 feet. The H5 Robots are engineered to enter a manway as small as 24 inches. The RCS has a triplex pump capable of 60 gals/min at 1250 psi. It utilizes a Class 1 Div 1 lighting and camera system to enhance visual capabilities inside the containment. The entire RCS operates out of a 40 foot shipping container and can be setup in as little as 2 hours.

H-Series Robotic Equipment Statistics:

  • Electric-over-hydraulic control system
  • Adaptable to a 6” or 4” vacuum head and hose
  • High pressure jetting nozzles mounted to head capable
    of flushing the suction hose
  • Capable of 90 degree rotation
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Adaptable with a 360 Degree Articulating Arm

Equipment Package

EcoRobotic Training Center

Ecorobotics has created the first and only robotic tank cleaning training center in the world. Located in Deer Park, TX, the training center is unique as it is a classroom facility simulating real life conditions and obstructions. The training center is utilized to teach robotic operators how to efficiently clean a tank without utilizing human entry.

Ready for a Smarter Approach to Tank Cleaning?